The Problem with Retirement Accounts

Qualified retirement accounts have become one of the most heavily taxed accounts a client can own.  In many cases, these wealthy individuals earmark the qualified accounts as part of their legacy.

Show Your Clients Exactly What Could Happen to Their Legacy!

How much of their hard-earned money WILL be lost to taxes

How to prevent $100,000 in taxes

How to add MILLIONS more to the legacy leaving more behind

Heirs must take distributions over a 10-year period, resulting in a significant amount of your legacy being paid to the IRS 

Additional economic stimulus and recently proposed tax changes point to higher tax rates for affluent individuals and families

Required minimum distributions (RMD) must be taken AND are taxed at ordinary income tax rates

Utilizing IRS Safe Harbor Rules, We'll Show Clients How To: 

Reduce a significant amount of taxes they will pay

Eliminate the mandatory minimum distribution requirements

Allow clients to leave a larger legacy behind to their family

Kick the IRS Out of their Retirement Accounts!
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