Best Interest

and Compliance

Best Interest

and Compliance

Immediately build trust and confidence by showing them the decisions are in their best interests.
Immediately build trust and confidence by showing them the decisions are in their best interests.

Online Record Keeping

Easily organize and store client date.  All your client profiles and reports are stored for up to 6 years to provide confidence and protection.

In-App Voice Recorder

Building instant rapport with clients with a comprehensive CRM that organizes clients, records meets, and much more!


Annuity Validation

for Best Interest

This dynamic annuities quoting software provides several components that assist with Reg BI compliance.
Fact-Finder Questionnaire
Choose the product that meets your client’s main financial objectives.
Risk Analyzer
Make your decisions based on the client's risk tolerance.
Comprehensive CRM
Organize all your clients and prospects into one place.
Side-by-side Comparisons
Effortlessly provide comprehensive side-by-side comparison reports.

Top-Notch Annuity Tools

Show your clients' an unbiased comparison of products.

Guaranteed & Projected Income Riders

Calculate highest lifetime income for each client individually. Offer them increasing income and interest multiplier riders.

Side-by-side comparison reports

Show your clients two, three or five products in one report and let them make the final decision knowing the difference.
Personal Lead Generator
Your personal website gains you leads that go right to your CRM to be converted in several clicks.
Client profile, tasks and notes
You won't be able to lose any important piece of information or miss a critical task any more.

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